Arch 109 tent street, London, E1 5DZ

           TEL 020-7375-1077


We are......

Dedicated to bring you all the products you need

at the right price



Owner of E1 Carcolours

Nick brought the company from the previous owner when they were thinking of closing it down

Since then he has grown the company and continues to see growth by expanding the product ranges

He is currently researching new product areas including industrial and wood finishes



Manager of E1 Carcolours

steve has over 30 years in the paint supply trade

he usually your first contact on the phone and is our technical bod

steve has a passion for custom painting and is a keen airbrush artist



the newest member of our team

training to serve on the counter and mix paints



driver and paint mixer

Del is our senior van driver and knows where you all are !!!

he loves his curry and football



Van driver and paint mixer

Nathan is incharge of van 2

he like del loves his football and F1 too





                        WE ARE OPEN


         MON - FRI  9:00AM  -  5:00PM

         SAT  9:00 AM - 12:00AM